Monday, September 13, 2010

assignment #3

For this assignment we had to break up the haiku we had been previously working on and interpret each line differently and separate them into its very own webpage. Then we used only html to design and interpret each line. My reasons for designing the Haiku this way are:

1. I chose to color the background in a way which somehow corresponded to the line. In the first page I chose a "hot" color. At first I went with a red but felt that red was more appropriate for the second page and instead opted for a warm yellow for the first page. I chose green for the third page to represent "blossoming". I felt like green is a color which represents spring time and particularly the blooming of plants and flowers.

2.I also used different fonts to interpret the line of the haiku. I chose futura to display the "wires" because it is thin and angular. I used a serif font and used italics to show its urgency.

3. I also changed the placement of the line on the page to somehow reflect the haiku. I chose a low position on the first page to show that it was "below" some thing. For the second page I showed the line all the way to the right as if to show that it was almost out of the page.

4. For the last slide I chose to space the letters of the line in order to reflect the word "bloom"

5. I chose to also change the font size to correspond the meaning of the line of the haiku. I felt the larger the type was, the more focus and emphasis it brought to that specific line.

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